Teaching a Kid To Fish

Think back to the first time you caught a fish. It was pretty magical, right? I don’t know about you, but I remember my dad taking me to the store and browsing the kids fishing poles. Then, as we got out on the water, I recall the pull on the rod, trying to reel it in, and intense feeling of satisfaction when I got it in the boat. As an adult, you have the opportunity to offer that experience to a child. So if you are thinking about teaching a kid to fish, read on. We will walk you through some steps and help you make sure you follow basic safety rules.

Step One: Find Your Spot.

While you will normally only consider factors such as familiarity, the odds of getting some bites, or your own comfort, consider the needs of the child as well. What spot can you pick to make them comfortable? If they need to get off the water, is the spot close to the dock? Definitely check to make sure that it’s a legal spot. You don’t want to get in trouble in front of the kid and ruin his or her first fishing experience.

Step Two: Introduce the Basic Elements

Don’t go into too much detail, but show the kid the basic tools of the trade. Explain to them what the rod, hook, bait, reel, sinker, and bobber are. Talk about the purpose of each and what they are used for. Just be patient and try to realize that the kid is not going to take everything in that you are saying. Consider checking out kids fishing rods to make this explanation easier.

Step Three: Talk Safety

Keep in mind that you are trying to impart lifelong lessons to the child. That means a discussion on safety is important. Explain that fishing can be dangerous if one does not understand the important safety rules. Tell them to be careful waving their fishing rod around and tell them why it’s important not to cast too close to another fisherman.

Step Four: Show Them How To Bait and Cast

By now, the child is going to be pretty restless. Gain their attention back by showing them how to bait a hook and cast their line. Again, safety is of the essence when it comes to baiting a hook. Be sure to communicate that to the child. This can be easier when you select something like Dora fishing poles. Finally, let them cast for the first time! They will be hooked. :)

Now that you’ve taken the necessary steps, exercise patience. Know that the child may not enjoy waiting very long for a bite. And most of all…have fun out there!